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Zodiac – “Come” F. Jesse Boykins III

Zodiac – “Come” F. Jesse Boykins III

71730050 Zodiac   Come F. Jesse Boykins IIIOkay, we all love the Weeknd, right? But we also agree that he doesn’t quite have the best voice R&B has to offer. Yes. So what happens when you take the producer behind the original Weeknd sound, Jeremy Rose (Zodiac), and you team him up with a singer of the highest caliber in Jesse Boykins III? Well, that would be “Come”, one of the most sensual songs you are ever going to hear. Zodiac’s self-titled EP, where this track will land, is due out Sept. 24 via Vase. [via]

In other news, it appears Jeremy Rose and Abel Tesfaye have squashed their beef. Here is a statement from management we snagged from Pitchfork:

“Fueled by a common vision they had about RnB and music in general, Jeremy and Abel worked closely for a short time about two years ago,” Rose’s rep wrote. “Miscommunication between both artists is currently in the final stages of being worked out by their respective management teams.”