Watch A 19-Year-Old Zev Love X (aka MF DOOM) Address The Senate In 1991

young-mf-doom-zev-love-xBack in 1991, the rapper/producer we know today as MF DOOM (among a host of other aliases) wasn’t wearing a mask yet and the world knew him as Zev Love X. And in April of that year, a 19-year-old Zev headed to the Senate, alongside his KMD partner Onix The Birthstone Kid, to address the rules committee. Namely, they were speaking on the Motor Voter bill, which would allow people to register to vote when they receiving an ID card or license at the DMV or register by mail. Although the bill passed, it was vetoed by President George H.W. Bush, but that wasn’t its full demise. The next president, one Bill Clinton, brought it back and signed it into law in 1992.

Anyway, the team at Rapp Cats came across footage of Zev and Onix speaking on the bill back in April 1991, and I figured (like them) that it made sense to share today seeing how its Election Day here in the States. You can watch the clip below.

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