Potholes Premiere: Florida Rapper YT Swears He’s “Workin

Potholes Premiere: Florida Rapper YT Swears He’s “Workin'” On Blunted New Track

yt-workin Today we are sharing some new music from 18-year-old, Jacksonville, Fla. rapper YT, who is making his Potholes debut. Like most of the cuts from his latest Lectures from Pops mixtape, YT weaves his machine gun-like lyrical ability into some atmospheric production filled with bass, to produce a solid song. “Workin'” is the first leak off a project that YT and producer Jordon Lumley are collaborating on. The song doesn’t disappoint, as YT starts flowing 15 seconds into the cut and relentlessly spits, “I really don’t know what you saying/ When you stay talkin’ that mess about me/ I’m reppin’ the city/ I don’t feel no pity/ And maybe it’s ’cause of the trees.”

Although the track is only a verse, a hook, some empty space and then hook again, YT successfully manages to say more by saying less. For this Flawda native, it’s as simple as getting high with the crew and releasing banger after banger. Stream “Workin'” below.

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