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Yancey Boys – “The Throwaway” F. Frank Nitt P. J Dilla

Yancey Boys – “The Throwaway” F. Frank Nitt P. J Dilla

YANCEY FRANK NITT THROAWAY Yancey Boys   The Throwaway F. Frank Nitt P. J Dilla

After being named chief curator of J Dilla’s vast vault of music, Frank Nitt releases his first order of business, “The Throwaway”. With Illa J on deck, Dilla and his brother form Yancey Boys and jump on a beat from the mid-’90s. Seriously? Mid-’90s? This beat sounds way too crisp and modern to be that old. This is really blowing my mind. And, unlike most posthumous Dilla work, this totally meets the standard of the late great. Yeah, and the way Illa J addresses all his haters makes me have a new found respect for the younger Dilla brother. You can already purchase this single over on Amazon thanks to the good folks at Delicious Vinyl. [via]

Stream “The Throwaway” below.