Y.N. Rich Kids Return With Awesome New Video “My Bike”

yn-rich-kids-my-bikeRemember those incredibly cute youngsters calling themselves Y.N. Rich Kids that dropped “Hot Cheetos & Takis” last year? Well, they’re finally back today with a brand-new video and song, “My Bike”. It’s just as hype as their previous track and more than entertaining enough to share with everyone you know.

Seriously, there’s no reason why your lil’ brother, sister, cousin, WHOEVER isn’t playing this on their iPod or whatever. You know they all have one and that this will be a million times better for them than, well, almost anything. Especially Kids Bop or whatever it is. Additionally, an affiliated group, NSJ Crew dropped a similarly awesome new song and video, “Khaki Pants”, that’ll leave you remembering that life is indeed pretty great.

Watch “My Bike” below. “Khaki Pants” is beneath that. Download both songs on their Bandcamp page. [via]

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  1. King VitaMN|

    Ali has been a big supporter of theirs for a while now. They recently opened up at his annual Day of Dignity show in October.

  2. Wu-Tikes Clan!

  3. Kay Knight|

    FINALLY. a song that perfectly describes how I feel when I’m riding.

  4. BertMaclinFBI|

    I got excited when i heard the Waka Flocka kid from the first video in the second video, I immediately wondered how much he got paid for the feature

  5. wait was that brother ali??

  6. YESSSS these kids go hard

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