XXL’s Freshman List Is Confusing, Asks Readers To Vote

XXL’s Freshman List Is Confusing, Asks Readers To Vote

10 spot 2013 xxl freshmen XXLs Freshman List Is Confusing, Asks Readers To VoteAt first glance, this is pretty confusing. Apparently XXL has confirmed nine rappers on their 2013 Freshman Class, but they want readers to vote on the final ten spot. With that, they have put up a voting page where fans can cast a vote for who they think deserves that spot. The thing is, there are a ton of fantastic MCs on here, so there is obviously going to be a ton of overlap.

It is always tough defining a true “Freshman.” Does that mean they are putting out their first song, mixtape or album? What exactly is XXL’s criteria? The fact of the matter is, we have been pondering this all morning and can’t come up a reason why XXL is doing this. The whole voting process just makes things incredibly confusing.

Don’t believe me? Check out XXL’s wording here. This might be a ploy to simply throw people off, but totally disruptive nonetheless. You can cast your vote here, if that’s something you are into. Let us know what you think about this whole charade in the comments section below.

UPDATE: It looks like XXL is just trying to gain more attention by having us vote for a bunch of people who will probably end up on the list anyway. This whole thing is terribly confusing and should have been presented in a clearer fashion. It’s obvious who will make the list, so why not just make the 10th pick a true vote?