Wu-Tang Clan – “Execution in Autumn”

wu-tang-clan-execution-in-autumnIt’s not quite clear where “Execution in Autumn” came from, but it is indeed a previously unreleased/new track from the Wu-Tang Clan. Could this be a preview of what to expect from their “reunion” album, A Better Tomorrow? If so, it’s off to a strong start with this low-key funk, Frank Dukes-produced joint. I’m going with Raekwon when it comes to the sharpest verse here, but there’s something endearing about RZA’s off-the-cuff bars. What say you?

Stream the track below.

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  1. Lovely

  2. fvdedgrey|

    Rebel INS

  3. Yeah not a good look. They didnt send you a link to download the album? The only reason I didn’t get really pissed is because they sent a download link to the original and the Brown tape.

  4. Oooh seriously? That’s pretty lame.

    I hope you get your stuff, man. That’s such a bummer.

  5. The track was released because of Soul Temple only just sending out Ghostface Killah’s new album. I assume they are quite embarassed as exactly the same happened with the soundtrack to Man with the Iron Fists.

    Its a bit of a shame for customers (like myself) who pre-ordered the album but still haven’t received it, when there are people who have just gone to a shop and bought it.

    I still haven’t heard the album and am a huge GFK fan. I’m not angry or anything just a bit disappointed.

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