Win DJ Muggs Hoodie With Built-In Headphones & Skull Candy Headphones

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 3.47.08 PMIn celebration of the recent release of DJ Muggs’ Bass For Your Face, we are giving away four DJ Muggs hoodies with built-in headphones. On top of that, we have one pair of Mix Master Skull Candy headphones with a retail value of $250 for someone to bring home. All you need to do is follow the two basic steps below, and you will be entered to win one of these five killer prizes. On top of that, show some support for DJ Muggs’ Bass For Your Face, which features artists like Danny Brown, Chuck D, Roc Marciano and many more.


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  1. i really can’t pick “one” favorite so i’ll just go with the timeless classic, i ain’t goin out like that…

  2. alicia sukkar|

    don’t trip

  3. Snap Ya Neck Back – feat. Dizzee Rascal & Bambu. 808 808 808 808 #bassforyourface #djmuggs

  4. Lee Abellana|

    unstoppable threats with the GZA

  5. 9mm with planet asia

  6. “Strictly Hip Hop” – Temples of Boom album

  7. Dead flowered or any soul assassins track

  8. “Smothered Mate” – Grandmasters album.

  9. Funky Feel Ones and Jump Around!

  10. djbobblehead|

    People of earth is the craziest apocalyptic doom video ivecseen! Loved it and the song,album..thought i was str8 hiphop/rock but now im adding dub to my mixtapes!like transformers having sex muzic!

  11. No Spiritual Surrender w/ Vinnie Paz hands down

  12. DJ MUGGS X BAMBU – Gunfire

  13. Danny Vazquez|

    When the fat lady sings

  14. Trouble Shooters – ill bill vs dj muggs ft sean price, o.c., & sick jacken. it’s hard to even pick a favorite album tho! Grandmasters was ultra. General principles. All the soul assassins & cypress hill! My email is thank you!

  15. Felipe Cuevas|

    Killafornia like Killacura from Chile!!!

  16. I’ve been feeling Miracles to the max lately.

  17. heart of an assassin

  18. kinetic NRG|

    Love the new Album but my favorite Muggs joint is The song off of the Muggs vs iLL Bill “Kill Devil Hills” Album called “Cult Assassin”

  19. At the moment soundclash biz but thats what I like about this new new
    that muggs got something for whatever mood you may be in~~~~ im havin

  20. Unstoppable Threats on the Grandmasters album is tops!

  21. Awax of the Rhythm Writers|

    “Like That Ya’ll feat. Planet Asia” off the Soul Assassins Intermission album. Strait BANGER.!!!!!!!

  22. Pigs by Cypress Hill !

  23. (Trouble) the best rock rap ever that true mix master style

  24. General principles feat. Gza

  25. Charles Hill Monterrey Mex|

    smugglers blues

  26. Matt Dickman|

    Wicked, featuring Chuck D!!!! Fuck yah DJ Muggs!!!!

  27. “People of Earth” Very rarely does one song effect someone some much that it changes your listening style. This song has done just that.. Thank you DJ Muggs and the people that put it together!!

  28. The rock rock on .. Funkdoobiest and bambu version

  29. The rock rock on .. Bambu and funkdoobiest version

  30. “How I Could Just Kill A Man” changed the hip hop game..I was lucky enough to rock that song when I was on tour with Sen Dog..unreal!

  31. luciothefan|

    jump around – house of pain

  32. Jump Around- House of Pain

  33. bow dj muggs

  34. Hand on the pump, the drums on that where crazy and of course the duke of earl sample insane.

  35. Soundboy killa is my favorite song

  36. Soul Assassins – Let Go (My Life) feat Fashawn touched my heart email is

  37. When the fat last sings and illusions

  38. ismaelrivera|


  39. “El Barrio” DJ Muggs vs Sick Jacken

  40. “god’s banker” with Sick Jacken

  41. “Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk”

  42. My all time favorite song from DJ Muggs is Cyphress Hills “How Could I Just Kill A Man”…that song had heads from LA-Chi-NY heads nodding sumthin series….DJ Muggs production changed the musical landscape when it came out & from go it was bound to be a hit. Who can forget that B-Reals chant “Here Is Something You Can’t Understand” and Sen Dogs signature sound it just made for a hip-hop classic that forever will get the party crackin

  43. Esto no tiene fin , mira tumbaron a pablo y siguen vagos en los barrios de medellin!

  44. “The Time Has Come”

  45. Right now i would have to say its really hard to pick a fav. But one that stands out right now and has since i 1st heard it drop is “Snap Your Neck Back”, DJ MUGGS feat Dizzee Rascal & Bambu. Video is fresh to.

  46. Wicked feat. Chuck D and General Principles Feat. GZA

  47. “Snap ya neck back!” is the best!!!


    how i could just kill a man


    how i could just kill a man

  50. the hashtronaut|

    I’d have to say Sleeper Cell, w/ p. asia… just too raw!

  51. Illusions

  52. how I could just kill a man

  53. The illusions remix for sure is the favorite I’ve heard.

  54. illusions is my favorite beat.

  55. When The Fat Lady Sings Feat. GZA!

  56. Mariah Hernandez|

    Changed my mind “Snap ya neck back!”

  57. Here is something u can`t understand:”How i could just kill a man!!!” Great old school pumping beat, dope video!!

  58. Hits from the Bong

  59. Ruffturrain – Call O’ Da Wild

  60. Those That’s Bout It – Grandmasters (DJ Muggs v GZA)

  61. Julian Henry|


  62. wicked !!!!!!!

  63. Break ’em 1-2 – “Razor to your throat”

  64. My favorite Dj muggs track is illusions from temples of boom.

  65. John 3:16 from soul assassin part1

  66. God’s Banker

  67. Illusion by cypress hill

  68. Illusory Protection – Muggs Vs. Gza

  69. All In Together Now w/GZA & RZA

  70. All In Together Now w/GZA & RZA

  71. “It’s Just a Song” with The Goodie Mob

  72. The list is endless but I’m going with

    DJ Muggs GZA -Unstoppable Threats

  73. Gone for good (w/ Everlast)

  74. STONED RAIDERS (6 blocc remix)♥♥♥♥♥

  75. Spark another owl classic beat one of the best joints ever heard that and what go around come around too many to name Mighty Motherfuckin Muggs!

  76. el barrio with sick jacken


  78. Cypress Hill Illusions

  79. Jump Around a timeless classic

  80. Wikid! and also like that Safe joint! GO Muggs

  81. Thats a badd ass jacket,,,,,,straight from NM….Dj muggs all day on the Ipod.

  82. Illusions. III: Temples Of Boom (1995) Had the CD on order two months prior to the drop.

  83. fuck. sorry for the double, didn’t realize the other went through heh.

  84. Land Of Shadows w/ Sick Jacken –

  85. Land Of Shadows w/ Sick Jacken.. –

  86. oscar gonzalez|

    Damn theirs too many I love. ima go with cult assassin ill bill down ass beat and lyrics

  87. 1st Cypress Hill – Illusions III (temple of boom)

    2nd – House of Pain – Jump Around

    3rd – Ill Bill Vs Muggs – Cult Assassin

  88. wyclef from refugee camp john 3:16

  89. Wicked ft, chuck D….

  90. Daniel Leviathan|

    Real Life w/ Kool G Rap… NO MORE SAID

  91. Philadahlphia|

    Third World !!!!!!


  93. Darcy Balmer|

    Certified Bomb 🙂

  94. gangsta shit

  95. Heart of the assassin

  96. Back From The Dead!!! From beginning to end, love the Muggs influence.

  97. so many to choose from but off the top of my head, “Kill Devil Hills.” dope track all around

  98. When The Fat Lady Sing ft GZA FROM WU-TANG.

  99. General principles

  100. Snap ya head back

  101. Kill Devil Hills – and it killed me that there’s a place actually named that.


    General Principles

  103. Move ahead with KRS-One

  104. Smothered Mate from the Grandmasters album

  105. john 3:16. favorite muggs joint ever.

  106. Atique Virani|

    Advanced Pawns off the album with the GZA

  107. Jessy pheng|

    Destructions of a guard with Gza and Raekwon!

  108. All Hail The King feat. Planet Asia

  109. Joel Frieders|

    snap ya neck back, seriously

  110. Dominic Patsula|

    “That’s What It Is” off of Pain Language

  111. DJ Muggs ft. Dizzee Rascal & Bambu – Snap Ya Neck Back goes HARD IN THE PAINT.

  112. Real big on “Snap Ya Neck Back” with Bambu and Dizzee Rascal

  113. Decisions, Decisions w/ Goodie Mob

  114. DJ Muggs Soul Assassins – HEART OF THE ASSASSIN

  115. bullets with Bambu!!

  116. DJ Muggs vs. GZA – General Principles

  117. Queen’s gambit ft. GZA!

  118. “Wicked” with the man Chuck D

  119. “Rain.” Had that one on my playlist for years.

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