White Rainbow – Humidifier Plaza [EP]

White Rainbow – Humidifier Plaza [EP]

Adam Forkner, the dude behind White Rainbow and the Humidifier Plaza EP, makes music a little off the beaten path. Sometimes the best way to put name to unnamed music is to simply describe it associatively, and his own bandcamp tags are about as literally descriptive as it gets: “experimental electronics improv maximalist pizza-based psychedilic Portland.” Lemme break this down. It’s “experimental” music indeed, given there are few recurring hooks or structures and the tracks are free-form and can run anywhere from 2 -15 minutes; the soundscape is assuredly “electronic”; and there are erratic, 70’s “psychedelia” key solos with lots of bend and sauce that traverse unexpected grounds at unhurried leisure, also giving way to a sense of “improvisation.” As for the Pizza and Portland part, there was obviously lots of “pizza” eaten while the record was being made in “Portland” which is apparently the “greenest city in America.” I bet the pizza was vegetarian.

If that analysis doesn’t make you want to listen to this EP in this era of the molded, then … fuck you! For those appetized however, have put “Grout Vision” up for stream below. The sound of this track in terms of mix, timbre, and instrumentation is similar to the other two tracks on the EP, but it doesn’t have the expansive track space of the others that really lets Forkner’s music breathe and evolve, so you’re going to want to hit the skip to download the entire EP and get the full experience.

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Download: White Rainbow – Humidifier Plaza EP [bandcamp]

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