15 Things To Expect From G.O.O.D. Music’s ‘Cruel Summer’

15 Things To Expect From G.O.O.D. Music’s ‘Cruel Summer’

From what I have gathered, Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music crew will finally release their group debut, Cruel Summer, three days before summer officially comes to a close on Sept. 18. As we inch closer to that date (which will hopefully hold for the sake of the album name if nothing else) we can’t help but become caught up in the hype and hooplah surrounding the compilation. It almost seems like it would be difficult to NOT keep up with the random single and video drops, the increasing buzz, and the onslaught of interviews with everyone but Yeezy himself.

After reading and watching every interview, trying to dissect the cryptic descriptions of the music by guys like Pusha T and Common, and listening to the tracks that have dropped up to now, here’s the thing that remains on my mind: I still have no idea what Cruel Summer is going to sound like. “New God Flow” and “Mercy” sound nothing alike—and I know I’m not the only one who favors the former—and, honestly, it’s difficult to predict where Yeezy’s going to head sonically on this album.

His Watch The Throne project with Jay-Z was musically different than the much darker My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, though there were absolutely similarities. “Welcome to the Jungle”, for one, could have easily appeared on MBDTF. But other tracks, from “Otis” to “Who Gon Stop Me”, are proof of how difficult it is to predict or narrow down Yeezy’s next step.

This dilemma is also present in the context of the tracks released off Cruel Summer. “New God Flow” is much more boom-bap-indebted while “Mercy” is a minimalist, near-trap banger. Yet as different as they are, they both share forehead-slapping moments, be it the “Let’s go team!”-esque rally cry on “New God Flow” or the synth-diarrhea breakdown on “Mercy”. Both of those groan-inducing moments occur while West is at the helm, which may be good reason for us to look elsewhere—Pusha T, Q-Tip and Common’s contributions, for example—for this album’s highlights. I’ll admit Yeezy sounds inspired if not slightly delusional on “New God Flow”, but that call-and-response shit is garbage.

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  1. ohyeahpaulchin
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 18:47:00

    This is absolutely on point. Kanye can perform on genius levels when he’s ready, but he’s been wasting his time and talent on all of these GOOD Music releases. More Common, less Big Sean. More Q-Tip, less Cy-hi. (WAY) More Mos Def, (WAY) less 2 Chainz.

  2. Andrew Martin
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 13:08:00

    nah I can be lame sometimes, it’s OK

  3. star
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 12:53:00

    cant say u a lame cause i never met u so im lead to believe da wax buildup in ya ear is the problem. No way they are not good. Cant be not G.O.O.D and u on G.O.O.D Ye wont allow it

  4. Steve
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 23:12:00

    You are negative and not open to variations of hip hop. Your opinion is irrelevant. You should wait to hear new music before speaking out against it.

  5. B
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 12:46:00

    #12. Hahaha, bank on that one.

  6. Andrew Martin
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 07:14:00

    True, I am afraid of acne and I am white.

  7. Andrew Martin
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 07:14:00

    They aren’t good. Sorry, Star.

  8. star
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 00:24:00

    whole heartedly agree…. aka lame

  9. star
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 00:23:00

    u a idiot. check out Cyhi mixtapes b4 u write dumb shit. That boy is a problem… and any nigga who aint a lame and dont got wax in his ears kno dat also

  10. u mad?
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 22:17:00

    sounds like a acne scared white boy wrote this

  11. Andrew Martin
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 21:07:00

    I call ’em how I see ’em. Agree that G.O.O.D. Music is one of the best groups though.

  12. Guest
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 18:29:00

    Sounds like a pressed individual who wrote this. Kanye is one of the best in the game and consistently pushes quality music out to his fans. He takes his time with his work and makes sure it is good enough to be put out. Anyone can sit around and take quick jabs at rappers. But the fact is G.O.O.D music is one of the best groups out there.

  13. Matt Siverson
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 14:28:00

    16. Swizz Beatz inexplicably shows up and ruins an otherwise stellar track.

  14. Andrew Martin
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 10:10:00

    haha thanks

  15. Raƒi
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 09:53:00

    Lol. I feel like this will be extremely accurate

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