Weekly SoundCloud Digging (11/7/14)

Tek.lun – “Green Box”

Dirty, dusty, gritty percussion that gives way to a chill-as-hell instrumental you could destroy some speakers with = “Green Box.”

Four Tet – RinseFM Podcast Oct. 30

A two-hour mix from Four Tet that’s totally new? Do I really need to say much else? Dude’s a god.


I don’t know who this JNTHN STEIN guy is—he apparently hails from New York and makes some cool-ass music—but I am really digging this “Death” tune. It’s weird in all the right ways.

Matt Martians – “Horn” Co-Prod. Earl Sweatshirt

Odd Future teammates Matt Martians and Earl Sweatshirt join forces for “Horn,” which also could have been named “drums” because the percussion is awesome.

Flamingosis x Yung Bae – “Groovin'”

Yung Bae is the dumbest name ever, but I’m sure it’s a joke. So, whoever you are, you get a pass. Hell, you already got a pass for working with Flamingosis… oh and this track is funky, too.

Dibia$e – “STMB 399”

New Dibia$e that centers on video game samples (Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., etc.)? Oh hell yeah, I am forever down for stuff like this. Hmm, maybe I need to write about Dibia$e on Distant Arcade.

Beerlover – “Make Tonight”

Yessss, Beerlover is back with more future-funk goodness here on “Make Tonight.” Oh, and he’s letting folks download it for free.

Co. Fee – “Duel: Lights Out”

Co. Fee is one of those cats where I’m like, “Why don’t more people know about him?” That remains true after hearing his latest drop, “Duel: Lights Out,” which appears on a new, free compilation with other artists we dig here. This is mesmerizing stuff.

Cassie – “Me & U” (The 1960 Sci-Fi Era Remix)”

Some things worth mentioning here: I’m not a Cassie fan and I never really enjoyed “Me & U.” That being said, all praise due to The 1960 Sci-Fi Era (awesome name btw) for making the track both listenable and super-rad on this wavy remix.

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