Weekly SoundCloud Digging (11/21/14)

Weekly SoundCloud Digging (11/21/14)

Delakeyz – “Meditation”

I’ve tried meditating a few times, but never with music playing because I feel like it’ll distract me. That being said, Swiss producer Delakeyz may have changed my mind with his new track, “Meditation.” It’s a blissful, chilled-out house cut that’s neither distracting nor boring. Ya dig?

Keor Meteor – “Lee Again”

French producer Keor Meteor is one of those guys I’ve followed for a minute but, sadly, have overlooked the past few months. No more. I’m lovin’ this hypnotizing new instrumental, “Lee Again,” and probably gonna spend the rest of the day listening to what I’ve missed from him.

brainorchestra. x Prof.Logik – “uncanny valley.”

From what I’ve read on his Facebook page, Prof.Logik is gearing up to record new solo material soon after churning out a bunch of collaborations recently. Among them was “uncanny valley.,” a perfectly weird slab of instrumental music he crafted with East Coast producer brainorchestra.

Harrison – “Love Sick”

Harrison likes to bounce around from genre to genre, crafting sun-burst jams one day and future-funk cuts the next. With “Love Sick,” he’s on his skittering, sample-based instrumental hip-hop tip—and we’re all the better for it. Sigh, this is lovely.

Nao – “Adore You” F. Abhi//Dijon

When I saw that my favorite R&B duo of the year worked on a track with someone I hadn’t heard yet, you know damn well I was gonna listen. So here I am, keeping Nao’s “Adore You” on repeat, and wishing that I was home with my wife, dancing like an idiot in the living room. Swoon. Buy Nao’s new EP here.

Ile Flottante – “LightsOn”

I’ve never heard of Ile Flottante before now, but I’m glad I found this Bristol producer’s music because “LightsOn” is ill. It apparently stems from a synth-heavy beat tape he’s dropping soon, so be on the lookout for that.

Loupo – “SimpleJonDozer”

I don’t know who or what a Jon Dozer is, but I do know that Loupo has a way with sample-based production. If you don’t believe me, just listen to “SimpleJonDozer” and proceed to slap your forehead in a “why haven’t I listened to him before?” type of way. Shout out to Ron Swanson, btw.

Matt Martians – “Sires” F. KONA

For his latest SC share, Matt Martians slows things down to a bedroom-ready R&B pace with Atlanta singer KONA. On “Sirens,” the two make for a formidable duo, and I’m hoping they keep working together.

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