Weekly SoundCloud Digging (10/24/14)

Weekly SoundCloud Digging (10/24/14)

lakim-liveMaaan, is it just me or did this week feel a whole hell of a lot longer to everyone else? Maybe it’s because I’m getting eager to move next month or somethin’, but damn, it crept by like a slug that just got hit with a dash of salt. In other words, I’m surprised it’s even Friday, but I’m rambling. I’m also excited, not just for the weekend but because I get to share the latest collection of joints I’ve been streaming this past week from SoundCloud. I wasn’t able to collect as many as I have in previous weeks—work’s kept me tied up, sorry guys—but there are certainly some killer cuts in the mix. I’m especially excited about the joint from the above producer, who you may know as LAKIM. Let’s get to it.

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