We Love Computers: An Interview with Beat Inc.

If you know about Beat Inc., an Italy-based beat duo, you probably know about Sound Inc., the project that started it all. Beat Inc. is B.Kun (producer, multi instrumentalist) and Hed (drummer). They work out of the Emilia Romagna region of Eastern Italy. The two released their first EP entitled, The Formula, which shares the same name as the show that brought them together under the Original Cultures’ 2011 production montage.

The Formula a fluid mixing of beats, dub and live instrumentals. They collaborated with some notable producers including Daisuke Tanabe, who did an amazing remix of the track “Black Tea Morning”.

Language barriers aside, we had a conversation about their approach, lifestyle and how live instrumentation plays a role in their music. You can cop the EP, The Formula, right now on iTunes or grab a physical copy here.

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