Watch Vic Mensa’s “Feel That” Video


Vic Mensa‘s Lili K-assisted song “Hollywood LA” was a favorite of ours in 2013, capturing the vibe of the summer and providing a sonic backdrop worth dreaming to. That record resurfaces in the background of Mensa’s latest release, a video for “Feel That.” The Save Money captain sits with a friend on the edge of a pool in California as his past record plays on; he laments his lost love for music, unnerved by his newfound boredom while wishing for something new.

And then drugs, in the form of “Fun,” come into play. Wistful thinking beside a tranquil pool mutates into an adventure filled with strippers, neon colors and a Chance cameo. The visual admittedly feels a bit lackluster, especially following Vic’s stunning video for “Down On My Luck.” We hope Mensa’s forthcoming¬†Street Lights EP¬†features more records of “Luck”‘s caliber.

Remember all of those adult figures telling you, “You don’t need to get drunk to have fun”? Well, Mensa flips his middle finger at that sentiment and jumps into an intoxicated, drug-fueled world. Watch “Feel That” below.

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