Watch: The Dyskograf – Changing How Music Is Recorded?

 Watch: The Dyskograf   Changing How Music Is Recorded?

Advances in technology have made recording music a possibility for pretty much anyone capable of using basic computer programs. What if it was just as easy as drawing a few marks on a paper record? That’s the idea behind the Dyskograf, a machine using felt tip pens to let the user create music on the basis of what they draw on a graphic disc reader. The information on the record is then picked up by a camera that feeds the visual input into music. The machine will be on display later this month in France, in the meantime we can check out how easy/cool this thing looks in a video below.

It might not redefine how music is actually recorded, but it’s pretty damn awesome none the less. Maybe one of these will come around stateside soon, because I could sure sink a few hours into playing around on the Dyskograf. [via]