Watch: Sudie’s Fantastic Video for “Heartattack”

SudieWe previously featured 23 year-old Dallas singer/producer/producer Sudie, with her single “Bruise”. She is preparing to release her self-titled EP on April 7th. Her video for “Heartattack,” which debuted today via Jezebel, was filmed in Mt. Vernon, TX on a 40 degree day, but that didn’t stop Sudie from letting more than just her guard down.

Sudie on “Heartattack”:

“The loss of innocence in the video is mostly about the loss of the innocence of the mind. I didn’t want this to only be about in terms of sexuality, but more as a human being and what comes with growing up out of childhood into adulthood. For me, it was more about how the carefree and insouciant ideology and mental state of a child completely changes as you grow up and take on responsibilities.”

In terms of visuals, Sudie’s “Heartattack” really does remind me of Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video. The process of shedding layers comes with growth, which Sudie speaks on in regards to the song. But alternatively, innocence in childhood allows you to be carefree and also naked from the pressures of society. The older we get, the harder that is to accomplish.

Watch the video for Sudie’s “Heartattack” below:

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