Watch Snoop Lion’s Absurd New “La La La” Video

Watch Snoop Lion’s Absurd New “La La La” Video

Here are some of the things you can expect to see in Snoop Dogg’s debut music video as reggae-fied “singer” Snoop Lion:

  1. Women dancing around in surprisingly non-trashy outfits.
  2. But wait, there’s a reason for that: a ton of kids are in this. Seriously. They even open the clip with cutesy interviews.
  3. Snoop wears a lion skin, because, of course.
  4. There are cartoon animals, fruit, and more getting high as fuck, which you probably should do to watch this.
  5. The emphasis is really, really on weed. But…kids?
  6. There’s a dancing robot.
  7. There’s also a mean-mugging panda.
  8. Major Lazer is essentially played by a band of bananas and cherries.
  9. Eli fucking Roth directed this shit.
  10. It’s clear that Snoop’s done lost his mind.

That’s it. Watch the video below.


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