Watch: Serato Icon Series – Peanut Butter Wolf

 Watch: Serato Icon Series   Peanut Butter Wolf Peanut Butter Wolf is the man at the helm of Stones Throw, one of the most important record labels of the past two decades. Not only has he been behind an incredibly eclectic catalog of extraordinary releases, but he’s an individual with a wealth of music knowledge that is truly staggering. Serato recently spoke with the legend as a part of the Icon Series and gave PBW a chance to dish about the origins of Stones Throw, how he got involved with music, and his insane collection of records and music related goodies.

It’s worth repeating that seeing someone with a knowledge of music history this expansive can put into perspective how much we really know contained in this blogosphere of ours. Check out the great interview below and head here for the full write-up and photos.