Watch Lido & Canblaster In Studio For The Making Of Their Superspeed [EP]

Lido & CanblasterTo celebrate the release of their collaborative EP, available now worldwide on Pelican Fly, Lido and Canblaster share a new film chronicling their journey in the studio for the making of Superspeed. The film illuminates both producers’ talents for writing catchy pop melodies almost effortlessly, Lido & Canblaster peeling off riffs on the keys as if it’s second nature to them. DJ Slow, the Pelican Fly labelhead, helps steer the ship and gets on the fun, the three artists exuding the joy and fun of lives filled with the spirit of music. Lido and Canblaster’s Superspeed EP is available on iTunes now.

You can watch Lido & Canblaster’s recording process and stream the Superspeed EP below:

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