Watch Last Night In Paris’ Haunting Short Film “Pure”

Watch Last Night In Paris’ Haunting Short Film “Pure”

last-night-in-parisWhen it comes to raw creativity and talent you need look no further than the UK’s Last Night in Paris. I have been following their movements and sporadic releases since last year’s Roses release. It was a romantic and touching project that eased the listener into the LNIP world of dimly lit rooms and lyrical displays of international decadence and the female admiration/intrigue that comes with it. Since their 2013 debut, the outfit have pushed forward Danny Seth as the musical-ambassador for London’s self-contained collection of singer/song-writers. His Pre-Sliffs Vol.II (2013) release simply whetted the scene’s appetite as his recent flurry of interviews and single drops have cleverly enticed the inquisitive and discerning listener.

Visually speaking, LNIP tend to be quite reclusive as their Tumblr visual content leans toward the obscure and over-exposed side of things with faces often not visible. And then, out of nowhere Dazed & Confused dropped this: “Pure,” a short film featuring LNIP with direction from Karim Huu Do. The ten-minute short features “a day in the life” style footage of LNIP in and around the incredibly haunting “Rowley Way” Estate (Camden, London). It’s a must-watch for those unfamiliar with these forward-thinking kings in the making.

You can watch “Pure” here.

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