Watch GoldLink’s New Video For “Ay Ay”


In his latest set of visuals (and his first since the short, stoical moving picture that was “When I Die”, also directed by Nathan R. Smith), Virginian bounce rapper GoldLink narrowly walks the line between off-putting excessiveness and artful expression. Volumes of voluptuous women waltz about in the video for “Ay Ay” – a lyrically decent effort hailing from GL’s free album The God Complex, released in early April, that rebounds thanks to vocal delivery and song structure.

The shots are pretty and some choice symbolism coexists with the scantily clad girls and their synchronous twerking, but the only elements of any legitimate “story” unfold during the video’s final quarter. The scenes darken (literally), and any sense of erotic entertainment quickly dissipates. I’m not overly in love with these visuals, but they are thoughtfully packaged and continue to suggest GoldLink’s potential.

Watch “Ay Ay” below.  You can stream GoldLink’s debut project, The God Complex, via Soundcloud.

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