Watch Danny Brown Drop A Stunning Freestyle For BBC Radio 1


Danny Brown hopped across the pond to visit London last week and stopped by BBC Radio 1’s studios during his trip. The station welcomed the animated rapper for his very first “Fire In The Booth” freestyle. The ongoing series might as well shut down after Brown mercilessly slaughtered his verses, giving a performance unlikely to be topped by any successor. Even with muted audio, his twisted, contorted facial expressions hint at the damage wreaked on a platter of solid instrumentals. Be it “Chum”‘s haunting, repetitive piano strokes or the minimalist, banger qualities of “0-100,” Brown carnivorously chews up any and all backdrops, erasing any memory of the original artist’s raps as he viciously spits.

Hate Machine,” the recent offering from L.A. band The NBHD that featured Brown, blew us away. Just two days later, we’re once more in a state of amazement. We just wish we could replace on-air host Charlie Sloth to witness Danny’s unbridled charisma and flair in the flesh. Detroit’s best MC of the moment labels those who dare challenge his reign mere peasants, and we really can’t argue. Watch Danny destroy every beat laid before him below.

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  1. The D.Brown gets busy….period

  2. Daniel Foster|

    Not to sound like a douche, but as a Brit, it’s kind of annoying that you only named the first two instrumentals and neither of the two Wiley instruments that played. Wiley is kind of a big deal in the movement grime music.

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