Watch Allan Kingdom & Spooky Black’s Video For “Wavey”

Watch Allan Kingdom & Spooky Black’s Video For “Wavey”


Late last night, St. Paul native Allan Kingdom released his video for “Wavey,” a standout cut off of his Future Memoirs EP and deserving of visual treatment. The Spooky Black-assisted song, without any cinematography, strips away pretense, capturing both artists’ candid croons and melodic raps with little but a fragile, echoey backdrop as support. Earnest and strangely elegant, as most offerings from Kingdom and Black are, “Wavey” is a lackadaisical stream of sound with sharp lyrical focus.

Director-editor Harry Sutherland follows suit, abandoning any overblown techniques to simply translate his subjects’ chemistry onscreen. Allan’s pointed stares and measured movements wrest the camera’s attention, and ours, as Spooky stands nearby, an imaginable haze surrounding his frame. “Sipping on hallucinations/Smoking on what you be craving,” Black sings, opening a powerful verse that ends with harrowing resolution. Watch “Wavey” below; follow Kingdom and Spooky on Twitter.

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