Watch Action Bronson Take Down Another Overzealous Fan, This Time In Florida

action-bronson-kissyIf you’re a fan of Action Bronson, it’s highly likely that you found out about the guy online (or from a friend who pointed you to several of his free projects online). And if that’s the case, I get the feeling you also have followed the Flushing Queens rapper’s narrative, like when he took down that fan who rushed the stage earlier this year. Again, just because it’s highly likely, to me at least, doesn’t mean it’s a universal truth. And that became evident at last night’s Bronson show in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

As you’ll see in the clip below, an eager fan hops on the stage during the bearded MC’s performance and tries to move in for a hug. But, yet again, things don’t work out that well for the concert-goer, who gets dropped like a sack of potatoes. Here’s how Bronson replied to the video making the rounds:

You can watch the video below and you can buy Bronson’s Saaab Stories on Amazon.

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  1. “Lemme rush the stage so Bam Bam could knock me out” said every Action Bronson fan.

  2. Dirty Porcelain|

    If it was staged, that was brilliant. The crowd went crazy and got into the next track (yelling out verses).

  3. starchildluke|

    Yeah, that looks a bit suss to me. WWE shit.

  4. Staged, or it’s getting to the point where people actually think it’s “the thing to do”: get slapped by Bronson, so rushing the stage, cuz it’ll make you famous…smh

  5. staged?

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