Watch: A-1’s Super Slow-motion Video For “Good People”

Watch: A-1’s Super Slow-motion Video For “Good People”

A-1Shot at 1400 frames per second, whereas an average video is shot at just 30 fps, A-1‘s “Good People,” which debuted via FACT Mag, was made with a high speed phantom camera, driving really fast through different neighborhoods in San Francisco and Oakland while filming out the window. “We mainly chose to film around bus stops and train stations because we knew we would get the most diverse and different kinds of folks at those locations,” explains A-1. “We wanted to show that ‘good people’ come in all forms. We wanted to create a piece that could be viewed more as an anthropological study, or a study of human beings, rather than just another rap video.”

The Bay Area rapper continues to collaborate with music’s most forward-thinking producers, as he’s enlisted Belfast, Northern Ireland lo-fi beatmaker BEAR//FACE for “Good People,” the latest single sampling How To Dress Well‘s “& It Was You,” from A-1’s Thurlian album that’s slated to release March 3rd. Hollowed-out vocal samples swirl beneath heavyhearted rhymes from A-1, who explores stereotyping and the assumptions people make based on anothers appearance.

You can watch A-1’s video for “Good People” below:

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