Vulkan the Krusader – “Letter to Claire” [Potholes Premiere]

vulkan letter Vulkan the Krusader   Letter to Claire [Potholes Premiere]Before Vulkan the Krusader drops his new album, V, tomorrow, we’re giving y’all one final preview of the record with “Letter to Claire”. The Kodak To Graph-produced joint serves as an open letter of sorts to the rapper’s crush: Claire Boucher, aka Grimes. He tells her that he’ll be the Joker to her Harley Quinn and that they can listen to Depeche Mode while Ninja Scroll is on mute. The remainder of the cut is filled with similar heart on the sleeve-isms that we’re hoping Grimes gets a chance to hear. Listen below.

vulkan v Vulkan the Krusader   Letter to Claire [Potholes Premiere]