Vulkan the Krusader – “Gorgonzola Supreme” F. Kool A.D.

Vulkan the Krusader – “Gorgonzola Supreme” F. Kool A.D.

gorgonzola supreme Vulkan the Krusader   Gorgonzola Supreme F. Kool A.D.Over an off-kilter, piano-driven DJ Buttamilk production, Vulkan the Krusader and Kool A.D. discuss the finer things in life on “Gorgonzola Supreme”. This includes cheesy MCs (get it?) and various cultural references, including that whole Rita Ora/Rob Kardashian thing that, well, was pretty goddamn corny. This one’s not for those looking for something more traditional, but you should definitely give it a listen. [via]

Download: Vulkan the Krusader – “Gorgonzola Supreme” [Bandcamp]


  1. great 8
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 05:14:00

    this one’s pretty chill and surprisingly good

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