Video: Nardwuar Interviews Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

nardwuar-vs-ryan-lewis-macklemoreI know, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. But Nardwuar is so awesome that we don’t really care. In fact, the interview ends up being rather interesting. As expected from any Nardwuar interview, really. Anyway, watch the interview below and let us know what you think.

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  1. i’m latino. no shame in my game vato…

    again i’m not saying macklemore is killing hip hop culture neither is chief keef or kanye rap music/culture is evolving. hip hop culture has always been diverse and has always had goons ( eg schooly d) and pop stars ( eg young mc)

    i’m annoyed because macklemore, a mediocre rapper, got really famous really quickly, which i think is partly due to the fact he is white while much better rappers will never see the kind of money he is seeing right now. it also kinda pisses me off that big sean is finally famous, cuz yeah asher roth is better than big sean but hes never been on a hit boy track with ye and hov. in some senses it is easier for a white rapper because the color barrier is still a real thing…maybe not to people who only or mostly listen to hip hop but to the general american public. asher roth isnt famous anymore cuz he makes music that is appreciated only by hip hop fans…but believe you me if both say hoodie allen and skeme (two relatively obscure half decent rappers one white one black) were to put out the exact same pop anthem and had the same cosigns and promotion and everything hoddie allen would have the advantage. maybe not in terms of spins on an urban radio station but you can bet the white dude is gonna get more love out in the sticks. basically i’m saying white people who arent hip hop fans (ie fans of black culture) are more likely to support an artist who is white over an artist who is black.

  2. Well, that being said, hip-hop is still dominated by black people. The REALLY famous white pop rappers are how many – 2-3 so I really don’t see how it’s easier. Macklemore is yoru only real example, since Mac Miller is not even that big….what about Asher Roth? Chris Webby? Hoodie Allen? Asher is much better than Big Sean for example but after that corny college song, nobody cares about him…why? I mean he is white after all, why isn’t he more famous than mediocre rappers like Big Seah, Cyhi Da Prince and other wack dudes like this?

    I just don’t understand your logic – just bcs Macklemore somehow made a super hit (gangnam style, anyone?) and Mac Miller is more famous than Don Kennedy, doesn’t mean that it’s easier for a white artist. If you were right, there would be tons of white rappers on MTV for example, when in reality, there are maximum like 2-5. If it’s easier, why aren’t there hunderds of famous white rappers? Cuz there are deifinitely a lot of semi-famous white rappers for the past 10 years. It kinda sounds to me that your argument is only based on Macklemore and maybe a few other dudes and this somehow makes it true…

    I said that you sounded racist cuz you are annoyed by something for no reason. He didn’t do anything wrong, and you can say what you want, but his song, production, lyrics and subbject matter wise is much better than at least 70% of the pop rap music made by black people right now. In reality, if a black dude has made the some song u wouldn’t have cared….you decide for yourself……Also, are u black? honestly?
    Materialism, hood violence and pseudo rap songs about nothing are whats killing the culture, not a white dude who just happened to make some cheesy pop rap song and get some fame.

  3. Again not saying it’s impossible for a black rapper to get famous I’m saying its easier for a white rapper to become really popular especially among people who don’t listen to a lot of rap

    Just because I’m talking about race doesn’t make me racist…. race still factors into how we interact with people and how we frame people in our minds and institutionalized racism still affects a lot of people. That shit ain’t changed just cuz it’s 2013

  4. Comparing Mac Miller and Kennedy is higly subjective. Why is Tyga famous then? Chief Keef? ASAP Rocky? For real, a bunch of dudes with tattoos rapping about being trill/coke/bitches? How is this acceptable and not annoying but Macklemore’s song is soooooooooo bad?
    There are plenty of white people out there doing the same thing and they are not all famous. I mean suddenly people act like there are sooooooo many famous white rappers where really – there arent. It’s just one song that will come and go….
    I’m not sure if you are black, and I don’t want to sound like a dick, but you sound racist. “it’s frustrating to see a white musician adopt a black art form and become more popular than it’s originators.” – why is that annoying? black people “invented” hip-hop, doesn’t mean that it should stay that way. We should make our music and not touch hip-hop….????It’s not like Macklemore is dropping the N word or trying to look black. He is just a dude who likes hop-hop and raps about his life – nothing more nothing less. As much as I don’t like his new album, he is more honest than many famous black artists.
    I’d rather listen to his cheesy Thrift Store song, than every new 2Chainz song that has like 20 million views and sounds the same.
    The whole “it’s black people’s culture” is incredibly ignorant and racist……it’s 2013 after all….and it’s music….after all….

  5. every white boy should listen to kanye he makes amazing music.

    but nah…i’m not mad cuz he’s ruining hip hop culture i’m not waiting for krs one to descend from the heavens and pass judgement on wack mc’s. i totally agree with what you’re saying that a lot of black rappers make pop music like maklemore but i think the reason he’s gotten really famous all of sudden rather than them has to do with his race. it’s the same reason elvis beat out chuck berry or that licensed to ill was the first rap record to go #1 on the billboard chart or why shady is the best selling rapper of the aughts. (not that beastie boys and shady arent great and unquestionably advanced hip hop but still was licensed to ill better than king of rock? is em better than nas or jay?) it’s the reasons mac miller is way more popular than dom kennedy – they make pretty damn near identical music and are both pretty bad imo but i know a lot more people who listen to mac miller than dom

  6. I see your point but I can’t agree. I don’t think that people like him bcs he is white – his music is just more acceptable bcs there are no bitches/guns/weed themes all the time.
    Also i’m not really sure about the “internalized racism” thing. If you go to a Lil Wayne/Chef Kief concert, you will see that 50% of his fans are white. Also…Kanye? Every white boy listens to Kanye….
    Times are chainging and there are many black artists who had a huge breakthrough after just one album. Maybe still not as big as Macklemores, but still – Chief Keef, Waka Flocka, Tyler, The Creator, Big Sean, ASAP Rocky, Future…They’ve been rapping for a minute and even changed the genre way more than probably Macklemore would, but nobody is complaining here and questioning the future of the culture….
    People may say that Macklemore is cheesy and honestly, I kinda agree, but the reson he got famous is not bcs he is white….it’s bcs he makes catchy pop rap music….like many other black people do. We live in a strange word when somebody just makes a random song and suddenly the blogs start posting about it/tumblr/twitter/facebook re-posting…and after 4-5 months this songs has like 20 million views. There are many other white rappers trying to do it and they even rap about the same middle class/subburbs topics, but they didn’t get any fame.
    Honestly, I think that some people are just angry that he got famous and that they have to see/hear this song all the time so started overanylizing it….and even sound racist at times.

  7. i mostly agree with what ur saying, yeah a lot of black rappers are terrible. n i dont ride for wayne (rip?) or 2chainz but weezy was at one point a great rapper and tity boi was grinding for years before he got on the radio. but this macklemore dude puts out 2 albums n now my 16 year old cousin who doesnt even like rap is posting about him on facebook.

    from where im sitting it seems like white rappers like macklemore and mac miller are able to breakthrough as pop stars a lot easier than black ones. n yea i get that getting famous has a lot to do with luck but i think you have to at least partially credit macklemores success to internalized racism, people tend to support people who look like them. idk its worth thinking about at least

  8. PS: Don’t get me wrong here – i’m not saying that Macklemore is amazing or anything and I understand that not everybody likes him…..I just find it funny how people care way too much about the race thing. If you are black and ignorant and sing about 2-3 predictable subjects we have already heard like 39048329042390 times – nobody would write butthurt articles about you and how you are chainging the culture and all that pseudo bullshit.

  9. Well, most popular black rappers right now are famous for no reason too. The whole “macklemore” topic is really ignorant…..mediocre niggaz like 2Chainz and Lil Wayne and all on top of the world, making generic songs about absolutely nothing and that’s ok…….

  10. it just bugs me when white rappers who arent even that good get really popular for no reason

  11. Well, this is his second album and the first one wasn’t even that
    underground. Still don’t understand the whole “he is white” drama. If
    black guys talk about killing/drugs and all that shit, we are ok with
    it/, but somehow, Macklemore’s subject matter and skin color are
    incredibly important/offensive/wack/killing the culture. People should
    really stop overreacting – they are many things that are way worse in
    today’s hip-hop than Macklemore’s music and that thrift shop song. I
    guess bloggers are just mad that every jock/slutty girl re-posts that
    song in facbeeok.
    The interview wasn’t that interesting – Macklemore sounds like a nice dude but the other dude was super cheesy.

  12. i feel like i missed the whole macklemore thing. who the fuck is he? how’d he get such a shitty name? when did he become famous? why do white mediocre culture vulture white rappers become popular so quickly?

    seriously tho i had never heard about this guy until every blogger started writing about how he was wack

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