Video: LL Cool J Performs for 25 Minutes in Maine in 1985

ll-cool-j-maineHoly. Shit. A YouTube user by the name of Kodiak Starr uploaded some of the most amazing retro footage we have seen in a minute. As the above photo will tell you, this clip centers on LL Cool J’s performance in Waterville, Maine way back in June 1985.

At this time, the bucket hat-loving rapper was only 17 (!) and was getting ready to drop his debut, Radio, later that year. And even though the crowd is a lil’ awkward and that terribly interactive, they still show love to LL when he runs through classics like “I Need a Beat”. To be fair, a few kids actually start breakdancing, but the majority of them just sit there or nod along. Hmm, sounds like a hip-hop show in 2013, BUT I DIGRESS.

Watch the video below. NOW. [via]

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  1. I watched way too much of this, is there a person at 15:20 with autism dancing?

  2. Holy shit. I love how he explains the 2 turntable and mixer combo to the crowd.

  3. that last sentence.

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