Video: Kanye West Rants and Freestyles Over “Clique” in Atlantic City

kanye west revel Video: Kanye West Rants and Freestyles Over Clique in Atlantic CityWhen Kanye West isn’t dipping into his catalogue during live shows, he’s ranting/freestyling as much as humanly possible. OK, that might be hyperbole, but Yeezy is known to go off the cuff for the better part of 10-15 minutes with the previous song’s beat behind him. For example, during his show in Atlantic City last night, he went off over the piano line from “Clique”. From the sound of it, he’s basically giving the crowd a preview of some new music—seriously, it all flows way too well to not be some written shit. ROFL at the line about him wearing a dress. [via]