Video: Jel’s MPC-Crushing Boiler Room Set

Video: Jel’s MPC-Crushing Boiler Room Set

Jel is the don of the MPC. Dude might not get the recognition of a certain Diplomats producer, but he’s been smashing the ever-loving shit out of his MPC for years. And every time I think to throw on a video like this, I think about the fact that I wish he was more of a star. But fuck it, really, because everyone who knows anticon. worships Jel (rightfully so) and his mastery. Anyway, he recently rocked a Boiler Room party and melted faces for nearly a half-hour. Free up some time and watch this immediately.

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  1. Josh/HW
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 19:59:00

    Jel is insane. It’s too bad he hasn’t blown up. Themselves is so dope.

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