Video: Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky on ‘Kathy’

danny asap kathy Video: Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky on KathyAs promised, Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky made their way to the set of Kathy Griffin’s Bravo show, Kathy, last night. And as I’m sure you can imagine, it was 100 percent hilarious and out of control. Highlights include a game of sex dice (is that what it’s called) and a discussion of who wants/has kids with Russell Brand. Hopefully more of these clips will show up online as clearly there was more going on than what we’re seeing here. Like, Dave definitely texted me last night about Danny talkin’ about getting some love onstage. Anyway, peep the clips below.

Update: Sigh, if the videos aren’t working, watch the dice game here and the kids discussion here.