Video: Action Bronson Performs “Larry Csonka” in New Zealand Crowd

bronson-steakWhen it comes to watching live footage, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better performance video than that of Action Bronson. The bearded MC has steadily garnered attention for both his impressive recorded material and the antics he pulls during his concerts. This most recent clip features Bronson holding a steak and the microphone in his left hand while a silver cup remains steady in his right. Oh, and did we mention he’s in the Wellington, New Zealand venue’s crowd, somehow maintaining his focus to recite “Larry Csonka”? Absurd.

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  1. Man I miss Cuba St. That venue (San Francisco Bath House) is easily one of NZ’s best spots. Awesome video, shouts to Arcade.

  2. oh FUCK you might be right! EVEN BETTER!

  3. hate to nitpick, but that “steak” looks like a pack of


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