Vic Mensa – “Feel That”

Well, this is interesting. Vic Mensa, one of our favorite young artists coming out of Chicago, has unleashed his newest track to the innanet in the form of “Feel That”. Producer Smoko Ono guides his rapping companion through a constantly shifting field of xylophone-like synth notes and pronounced bass thumps. Unlike anything on Mensa’s¬†INNANETAPE¬†project, “Feel That” finds Vic spitting with enough vocal exaggeration and confidence to warrant a comparison to a tamed version of Young Thug. I’m not loving this new direction, but I do respect it. Stream the song above and let us know what you think below.

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  1. i fuxwit this but def a different direction, i feel like hes just fucking around not about to start drillin

  2. Olly Howard|

    saw Vic perform this in London. I like it, but it feels to me like he’s just stretching… I reckon his next ep will pick up where Innanetape left off.

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