Velour (Hyetal & Julio Bashmore) – “Speedway” & “Dial”

Velour (Hyetal & Julio Bashmore) – “Speedway” & “Dial”

velour-singlesDisco-house is a somewhat prevalent underground genre these days, with some artists finding a good deal of success, but it seems that as the small-followed genre increases in popularity, the tracks coming out of it seem more and more disco-y and less and less house-y. Hyetal and Julio Bashmore, aka the superduo Velour, are here to enforce the good vibes of disco-influenced house, and damn, it sounds good.

“Dial” and “Speedway” are both quality tracks, representing both sides of the dancefloor. “Dial” is much more relaxed, but the seductive, almost entracing vocals make it very bouncy in it’s own respect. Speedway is much more of a secret weapon kind of track, the one that’ll get the slowest club moving, with it’s hypnotic rhythm and heavy drums. These two gems have successfully channeled all the good parts of the ’80s, leaving all the trash at home.

Both of these tracks will be released on Bashmore’s imprint, Boardwalk Records, at a date to be announced.

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