J Dilla Foundation & Akomplice Releasing Unreleased Dilla & Joey Bada$$ Songs, Shirts

j-dilla-joey-badass-vinylThe latest endeavor of the J Dilla Foundation is releasing a new line of Dilla-related material as a collaboration with Akomplice. This will include a pair of shirts, one long sleeve and the other a straight-up T-shirt, along with a limited 7-inch vinyl. The record features a rare Dilla beat, “Two Lips”, that some of you have no doubt heard along with a vocal version boasting raps from Joey Bada$$. All of the proceeds from these items, which go on sale Nov. 29, will go toward youth music programs.

You can check out the vinyl above and peep the shirts below. [via]



5 thoughts on “J Dilla Foundation & Akomplice Releasing Unreleased Dilla & Joey Bada$$ Songs, Shirts

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  1. you can get that yancy boys on a instrumental vinyl… and who else to rap on it then dilla’s brother? lol it was not runied.

  2. I hear what you’re sayin, but one side is the vocal version with Joey and the flip side is just the instrumental. So you get the beat by itself as well. win win.

  3. Bloodmoney Perez|

    true true. i do like Joey…i just want more dilla stand alone beats though. THat last project they dropped with a bunch of lesser known cats rapping on it was NOT good to me…ruined it. HA.

  4. I hear that, but at the same time, I’m into the idea of new blood paying homage. And if it wasn’t gonna be Guilty, Doom, Illa J, or any of the usual suspects, I’m glad it’s Joey.

  5. Bloodmoney Perez|

    want that long sleeve joint, but..man..i could do with out Joey over a dilla beat. I mean..i like joey, hes growing and has made some bangers, but…let dilla breathe man…unless its like..guilty, or doom, or danny, or quelle/denmark….id like to hear someone from the D on a dilla beat. Shoot..or COMMON. but other than that…let the beat ride.

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