Under The Radar: Diego Bernal – Besides… [LP]

If you’re not up on Diego Bernal’s output at this point, well, you’re in luck. Even though I felt like a lot of you might be aware of his fantastic instrumental creations, I still can’t shake the feeling that some PIMB-regulars might not have a clue who this dude is. And, in all fairness, you’re not exactly to blame. Most of his work, unfortunately, flies under the radar (sorry, I had to) and you are probably a subscriber to other hip-hop blogs if you are acquainted with Bernal’s catalog. Personally, I think he crafts some killer jazz-centric instrumental records that need to find their way into your ear drums. Consider this your warm welcome into Bernal’s arms…or music, whatever.

Hit the skip to download Bernal’s most recent effort, Besides…, and if you’re feeling frisky, feel free to poke around the BandCamp page you land on. You can stream a track, “Blue Neon”, below, too.

[audio:http://potholesinmyblog.flywheelsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/03-03-Blue-Neon.mp3|titles=Diego Bernal – Blue Neon]

Download: Diego Bernal – Besides…

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  1. I remember this guy from last year. His For Corners project was pretty dope. I’ll be sure to give this a listen soon.

  2. woah, nice tunes! Thanks for this, will have to blog it too.

  3. I’ve been a PIMP reader/listener for some time now & i’ve never commented before.THERE IS LIFE OUT HERE!!!

  4. this is awesome. downloading the project ASAP.

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