Under The Radar: 40 Winks & M.anifest – Untitled EP

I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re at least kind of like me when it comes to listening habits. You typically move from one artist or album to the next, always looking for things you haven’t heard. But sometimes, you can’t help but get stuck on a particular artist or album for an extended period of time. And I’m not talking about those days when you announce on Twitter that you’re listening to Madlib all day. I found myself listening to a new track from Minnesota trio A.R.M and instantly moved on to one of their solo projects. Rapper M.anifest dropped one of last year’s best free projects with The Birds & The Beat, but I needed more from him. Upon digging around his group’s website, I found an EP he did over 40 Winks beats a few years back. It’s a little raw, a little unpolished, but definitely worth a listen.

You can download the 40 Winks & M.anifest EP after the jump. Enjoy!

Download: 40 Winks & M.anifest – Untitled EP

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  1. No preview! Ok, Im taking your word because according to the article, I am like you. Here we go.

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