Uncle Skeleton – Sophisticuffs [EP]

Uncle Skeleton – Sophisticuffs [EP]

Uncle Skeleton is Ross Wariner, and Ross Wariner is a member of a Nashville band named Kindercastle. “Sophisticuffs” is the name of the single from his upcoming album, All Too Human, and it certainly sounds like electronic music that originated from a place where I’m positive miniature guitars are given to newborns with a striking resemblance to Hank Williams. This is soulful, smooth, upbeat music. And if this is your first time listening to Uncle Skeleton I highly recommend giving his debut, Pancho Chumley (also on his bandcamp page), a chance.

Hit the skip to stream/download the EP.

Download: Uncle Skeleton – Sophisticuffs [Bandcamp]

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  1. yewknee
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 17:20:00

    He’s got another new single from the same album if you’re curious to hear more.

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