TxE – TetherBall [EP]

TxE – TetherBall [EP]

The Portland crew of TxE, made up of G_Force, Epp and Tope, keeps on their grind today with one of their most charming projects to date. TetherBall is by no means a progressive hip-hop album, as the trio instead decides to invest in the past, paying tribute to those who came before them. With a heavy dose of nostalgia, G_Force cooks up an incredibly fresh batch of beats for his homies to rap over. The EP standout is most certainly the title track, outfitted with a Biggie sample and an infectious drum break to match. Everything from the album artwork to the song titles pays homage to the hip-hop that many of us grew up on, making for a rather fantastic free downloadable package.

Stream and download Tetherball below.


  1. El Chavo
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 03:32:00

    Boom Bap boom bap

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