Tunji Ige’s Dark and Transformative “For Us” Video is a Must-Watch

Tunji Ige’s Dark and Transformative “For Us” Video is a Must-Watch

tunji-ige-for-usTunji Ige explores the dangerous contortions we undergo as life progresses in his “For Us” video, a dark, sometimes morbid affair laced with Chinese characters, self-testing actions and a young man questioning his own inner fabrics. Director Josh Goldenberg blends external and internal conflict without flaw, and Ige’s lyrics prove to be the perfect soundtrack.

I was admittedly late to the Ige fan club, first listening to his “Day2Day” remix featuring Makonnen and Michael Christmas, a Potholes favorite and the reason behind my paying attention. The song is one of the catchiest to bless last summer. Whenever I needed a boost while interning in NYC, I often turned to that record, humming the hook at work, in the subway, wherever. The Love Project, Ige’s debut album that dropped in December, sealed my fandom and even made an appearance on our “Best Albums of 2014” list. That’s not all: “For Us,” which leads off his first body of work, cracked our “Best Songs of 2014” rankings, as well.

Ige cemented himself as one of the young leaders in hip-hop last year, poised to help carry a talented pack of artists forward. It’s safe to say this is another step in the right direction. Grab your thinking cap and tune in to “For Us” below. Follow Tunji Ige on Twitter here and download his excellent free album, The Love Projecthere.

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