Tumtums – Smutmut [EP]

Tumtums – Smutmut [EP]

You know why I love the weekends? Because it allows me to catch up on a lot of the music you see here at Potholes on Saturday and Sunday. This includes that Clear Blue project I just posted and this new release from relative unknowns  Tumtums, aka producers Snubluck and amor, est.

On its Bandcamp page, Smutmut is described as “[a] psilocybin soliloquy of wonder born in the depths of our dreams.” And, really, that’s a pretty apt description of the seven tracks on here, which sound like what would happen if two beatsmiths took mushrooms, turned on their favorite synthesizers and beat machines, and just went off. If that sounds a lil’ nutty, it’s because Smutmut is a straight-up trip and chances are you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Download: Tumtums – Smutmut [Bandcamp]

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