24 thoughts on “Top 7 Rap Mixtapes/Free Albums of 2010

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  1. Kendrick Lamar – O(verly) D(edicated) is definitely one of the best IMO. Checking these out though.

  2. Slaine´s “The devil never dies” is number one to me. Gotta give it up for Reks “Between the lines vol.2”, J-Cole and Evidence.

  3. I will agree with Smoke DZA, for sure. That was dope. I wasn’t feeling Dom’s project. J. Cole’s was pretty good. Never heard the Wiz — just not a fan of his. And yeah, that Childish Gambino was kinda ill.

  4. Smoke DZA – George Kush Da Button (Ski Beatz/Big K.R.I.T. went crazy on the production
    Dom Kennedy – From The Westside With Love was nuts too
    Wiz Khalifa – Kush & OJ (Album quality beats on a mixtape)
    J. Cole – Friday Night Lights was dope
    Childish Gambino – Culdesac was a good look also

  5. Great list.

    Honorable mentions: Dom Kennedy’s From the Westside with Love, Jadakiss’ The Champ Is Here 3, Lil B’s Red Flame. 🙂

  6. Yeah great analogy Fred to compare music dates with satutory rape, wow! Anyway yeah 5 days before 2010 is just far beyond the cut off to be considered, epecially since everyone who hopped on OFs dick were writing about Bastard in 09. Cut offs are important, but being dogmatic is also limiting in itself.

  7. Fred Castano|

    “Yeah your honor, she was ‘born’ only 17 years ago but she’s making waves right now!”

    cutoff dates are important.

  8. David Reyneke|

    There has to be a cutoff, doesn’t there?

  9. Doesn’t matter — we were going by when it was released.

  10. lol. these were some of the best albums period. BASTARD was “released” on december 25th, 2009. it didn’t start makin waves until june/july 2010… come on son!

  11. 1. Theophilus London – I Want You
    2. Melo X – More Merch
    3. Collie Buddz – The Last Toke
    4. Saukrates – Preseason
    5. Rick Ross – The Albert Anistasia EP
    6. D.Rose – The Pre-release
    7. Big K.R.I.T. – K.R.I.T. Wuz Here


    Theophilus London – I Want You

    featuring underground hits like :

    I Want You, Hey Wonderful, Sorry To Interrupt and Flying Overseas w/ Solange Knowles

  12. Str8 Killa was probably my favorite musical anything this year, way better than the rest.

  13. no “Same Rebel, New Cause” by Scheme? sleeping on Chicago still….

  14. Wasn’t A Fan Of Danny Browns Release.
    & I See Why FNL Isn’t Mentioned.Wasn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be
    Trunk Muzik On The Other Hand Was A Breath Of Fresh Air

  15. No “In Between The Lines” by Reks?

  16. Love the Das Racist and Odd Future on here. This was a great year for free records/tapes.

  17. Friday Night Lights >all

  18. dl chandler|

    Good catch. I forgot Ace Haley put it out late 2009

  19. Guess my fellow writers didn’t like There Is No Competition 2 as much as I did lol

  20. I havent heard yelawolf, danny brown, or earl yet but if any of them are better than Friday Night Lights I am in for some good listening. I would rank them KRIT, Cole, and then Freddie Gibbs.

  21. I don’t know why Rolling Papers didn’t resonate with me as much. I dig it but maybe I just prefer the more hype shit.

  22. Bastard was 2009. Rolling Papers, however…

  23. dl chandler|

    Can’t be mad at this list. I would have added Tyler’s Bastard, Ab-Soul’s Long Term 2, and Mosel’s last joint.

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