Top 50 Songs of 2010

1 Big Boi – “Shutterbug”

2 Cee-Lo – “Fuck You”

3 Aloe Blacc – “I Need A Dollar”

4 Kanye West – “Runaway” feat. Pusha T

5 Janelle Monáe – “Tightrope” feat. Big Boi

6 Erykah Badu – “Window Seat”

7 Arcade Fire – “Sprawl II”

8 Flying Lotus – “…And the World Laughs with You” feat. Thom Yorke

9 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Round and Round”

10 LCD Soundsystem – “Dance Yrself Clean”

11 The Roots – “Dear God 2.0” feat. Monsters Of Folk

12 The National – “Afraid of Everyone” feat. Sufjan Stevens

13 Joanna Newsom – “Good Intentions Paving Company”

14 Sleigh Bells – “Rill Rill”

15 Intuition – “Buzzkill” feat. Slug

16 Baths – “Lovely Bloodflow”

17 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – “The Game Gets Old”

18 Gorillaz – “Superfast Jellyfish” feat. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul

19 The Morning Benders – “Excuses”

20 Toro Y Moi – “Low Shoulder”

21 Das Racist – “Sit Down, Man”

22 Beach House – “Walk In The Park”

23 Big K.R.I.T. – “Country Shit”

24 Earl Sweatshirt – “EARL”

25 The Foreign Exchange – “Laughing At Your Plans”

26 Deerhunter – “Helicopter”

27 Freddie Gibbs – “National Anthem (Fuck The World)”

28 Gayngs – “Spanish Platinum”

29 Caribou – “Odessa”

30 Sufjan Stevens – “Age of Adz”

31 Four Tet – “Love Cry”

32 The Walkmen – “Angela Surf City”

33 Electric Wire Hustle – “Perception”

34 Tame Impala – “Lucidity”

35 Gil-Scott Heron – “New York Is Killing Me”

36 Miguel – “All I Want Is You” feat. J.Cole

37 Shad – “Rose Garden”

38 Tallest Man On Earth – “You’re Going Back”

39 Spoon – “Who Makes Your Money”

40 José James – “Made for Love”

41 Yelawolf – “Pop The Trunk”

42 Andreya Triana – “Lost Where I Belong”

43 Danny Brown – “Re-Up”

44 Reflection Eternal – “Just Begun” feat. Jay Electronica, J Cole & Mos Def

45 Delorean – “Stay Close”

46 Curren$y – “Address” feat. Stalley

47 Miniature Tigers – “Bullfighter Jacket”

48 Black Milk – “Black and Brown” feat. Danny Brown

49 Kokayi – “Autumn Rules”

50 How To Dress Well – “My Body”

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  1. Put a download on this man, no spotify no limewire :/

  2. Fun Da Mental|

    @Davon T
    Exhibit C was 2009 son

    I would have put Nasty by PackFM, another Jay Electronica song (The Announcement), a song from Farewell Summer by Joell Ortiz possibly Battle Cry, on the list. Calm Tornado by HS was probably my favorite song. The dudes mad creative.

  3. WHERE”S EXHIBIT C? That deserves top 3. No discussion

  4. i’m so proud that i only heard 3 songs on this list! =D

  5. I wish this Cee-lo joint wasn’t on here. I hate hate hate hate hate it. And I agree with A.C. that “Bodies” blows it away. Like all the way. Also, for once I agree with Afan. Janelle Monae’s “Cold War” was the real deal, as much as I liked “Tightrope”.

  6. Brandon Rae|

    I’m impressed with this list. Although I’d replace the Toro Y Moi track with “Blessa” and then call it an evening.

  7. james blake should be on this list

  8. RQM “Atomic Fusion”
    James Blake “Limit To Your Love”
    Youthman “Brother Don’t Cry” feat. Luce
    Eskmo “Cloudlight”
    Pendulum “Painkiller feat. Freestylers & MC Sirreal (Kouncilhouse Remix)”

  9. Great lists, a tonne of stuff I haven’t heard so looking forwad to delving. Gonna keep me busy for hours 🙂 Not sure about I feel about F*ck You being number 2 on the list though!

    @Afan – great list too (for real) but probably would have chosen a different Jay Electronica track. I’m feelin’ The Announcement or even Jazzmatazz like crazy. And minus the Duck Sauce!

  10. my bad. should have commented on your list before posting mine.

    great list man. definitely feeling alot of tracks on your list.
    with jose james i couldn’t find one track to put on there because there all great on the album. i couldn’t split them. strange.

    Freddie Gibbs – “National Anthem (Fuck The World)

    was beast of a track until i heard the chorus. if it had a different chorus it would maybe be in the top 10 tracks of the year…


  11. 1. Kanye West – That’s My Bitch
    2. Maximum Balloon – Groove Me ft. Theophilus London
    3. N.E.R.D – Help Me
    4. Theophilus London – Sorry To Interrupt
    5. Bilal – Robots
    6. Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang ft. Q-Tip & MNDR
    7. Janelle Monae – Cold War
    8. Nas & Damian Marley – Nah Mean
    9. Rick Ross – BMF
    10. Maximum Balloon – If You Return ft. Little Dragon
    11. Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar
    12. Dam Funk – Things That Dreams Are Made of
    13. Janelle Monae – Tightrope ft Big Boi
    14. Theophilus London – Hey Wonderful
    15. Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand
    16. Clipse – Popular Demand
    17. The Roots – Dear God 2.0
    18. Eyrkah Badu – Window Seat Remix ft. Rick Ross
    19. Jay Electronica – Ghost Of Christopher Wallace
    20. Gil Scott Heron – Me And The Devil

    and Top 3 Worse Songs.

    1. Eminem – Not Afraid
    2. Lloyd Banks – Beamer, Benz, or Bentley ft. Juelz Santana
    3. Lil Wayne – 6’7″ ft Cory Gunz

    P.S Yes i know Bilal Robots actually came out 2009 but it officially came out 2010.


  12. @Rahel: not yet! I’ve heard some great things. So I’m downloading it as we speak. I’ll let you know.

  13. Nothing for Dark Time Sunshine?

  14. @ AC great picks!
    (did you listen to cris prolific art/money vol.1 album?)

  15. An okay list! I’m missin’ a lot of great tracks that should be on there. Also it kind of seems you’ve mainly gone for singles instead of lesser known songs on certain albums. I mean “Shutterbug” is a great track, but definitely not the best on “Sir Lucious”. The same goes for a number of your picks.

    Here is a list of songs I believe should be in everyone’s top 50 for 2010:

    Ski Beatz – “Cream of the Planet” (ft. Mos Def)
    Nas & Damian Marley – “Patience”
    Bonobo – “Kiara”
    Homeboy Sandman – “Calm Tornado”
    Shad – “At the Same Time”
    The Foreign Exchange – “The City Ain’t The Same” (ft. Yahzarah)
    The Roots – “Right On”
    Copywrite – “Mega Mega”
    Gonjasufi – “Ancestors”
    Skillz – “Adam”
    J-Live – “Fitness” (ft. Homeboy Sandman)
    J. Cole – “2Face”
    Boog Brown & Apollo Brown – “Understanding”
    Cee-Lo Green – “Bodies” (=way better than “Fuck You”)
    The Tallest Man On Earth – “The Wild Hunt”
    Dessa – “Matches To Paper Dolls”
    Mark Ronson – “Somebody To Love Me”
    Tumi & The Volume – “Through The Sunroof”
    Bliss N Eso – “Late On Night”
    Bilal – “Think It Over”
    and last but not least
    Sage Francis – “Best of Times”

  16. Good list guys, Dungeon Family with a strong presence at the top haha

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