Top 15 Albums of 2011

1 Shabazz Palaces – Black Up

2 Kendrick Lamar – Section.80

3 M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

4 The Roots – Undun

5 Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise

6 James Blake – James Blake

7 Thundercat – The Golden Age of Apocalypse


9 Bon Iver – Bon Iver, Bon Iver

10 Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch The Throne

11 Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

12 Destroyer – Kaputt

13 DJ Quik – The Book of David

14 Common – The Dreamer/The Believer

15 Drake – Take Care

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  1. i agree. bad year once again for hip hop. hip hop aint been good since ’03

  2. 1. Common – The Dreamer The Believer
    2. Little Dragon – Ritual Union
    3. The Roots – Undun
    4. The Black Keys – El Camino
    5. Theophilus London – Timez Are Weird These Days
    6. TV On The Radio – Nine Types Of Light
    7. Raekwon – Shaolin Vs Wu Tang
    8. J Davey – New Designer Drug
    10. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne



  3. This was a pretty good year in terms of hip hop, but the majority of it was in the underground in the form of EPs, FreEPs, and mixtape-albums.

    My favorites:
    Danny Brown – XXX
    The Doppelgangaz – Lone Sharks
    Actual Proof – The Talented Tenth and Still Hotter in July
    Focus…- Music Of The Misinterpreted
    Action Bronson – Well Done
    Skyzoo – The Great Debater
    Curren$y – Covert Coup
    Willie Evans Jr- Introducin
    Elzhi – Elmatic
    Evidence-Cats & Dogs
    Maffew Ragazino – Rhyme Pays
    The 58’s – 58’s
    The Come Up – In Good Hands
    ScHoolboy Q – Setbacks
    G-Side – iSLAND

  4. Good list, slightly disappointed though. I was expecting more underground or indie acts on the list. You’ve reviewed a lot more act’s than every one else, thought some of them would be on here. Could you make your mixtape / free album list slighty longer please 🙂

  5. Dude if you call that a good year in hip-hop your ignorant lil’ ass needs to stay inside the house more and listen to all the exceptional music that you have obviously missed. Seriously tho I thought Highlighter was going to be on the list

  6. dollarbillrussell|

    Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death – For the Glory should undoubtedly be on this list. Probably top 5.

  7. Been waiting to see this list! Nice work. I would of had the following in my top spots: Shabaz Palaces, Astronautalis, The Roots, Cunninlyguists, Icebird, Brown Bird

    Will be checking out Nicolas Jaar.

  8. heads just called a list with Shabazz, Kendrick, The Throne (yes you lil salty ass haters ITS BETTER than ur boring underground album), The Roots, Common, Beasties, DJ Quick, James Blake and SBTRK “lame” and a “bad year”. lol. go outside the house every now and than

  9. ya beastie boys definitely an underground release. how bout cities aviv?

  10. What would Blu & Exile’s “give me flowers while I can still smell them” count as?

    That’s lyrically miles above Below The Heavens, and pretty much every track has the poetic Blu as seen in “Seasons”

  11. I not really feeling those commercial hip-hop selections – Here’s my list for my UNDERGROUND hip-hop albums 2011

    1) yU – The Earn
    2) Hail Mary Mallon – Are You Gunna Eat That?
    3) Rashad & Confidence – The Element of Surprise
    4) Mantra – Speaking Volumes
    5) Action Bronson – Dr Lecter
    6) Moka Only & Chief – Crickets
    7) Willie Evan Jr. – Introducin
    8) Epidemic – illin Spree
    9) Elzhi – Elmatic
    10) Trem – For The Term Of His Natural Life
    11) Co$$ – Before I Awoke
    12) J-Live – S.P.T.A
    13) Qwazaar and Batsauce – Bat Meets Blaine
    14) Senor Kaos – The Kaos Effect
    15) DTMD – Makin Dollas
    17) Trace Blam & Soulchef – Bottles
    18) Hassaan Mackay & Apollo Brown – Daily Bread
    19) Doc Singe – Kiss Of The Beast
    20) Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee

  12. no ferrari boyz? nerd bashing time

  13. BOOOO!! FU drake

  14. what a boring comment

  15. man what a shitty year

  16. We have a top free albums list coming, where Danny Brown will most likely land.

  17. Nice list, but I feel it is missing Cunninlynguists – Oneirology and Danny Brown – XXX!

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