Tommy Kruise – Rap Queb Lent: Coupe & Visse [Mixtape]

rap queb lent Tommy Kruise   Rap Queb Lent: Coupe & Visse [Mixtape]Assuming the majority of the readership doesn’t speak a lick of French, like myself, “coupe & visse” translates roughly into chopped and screwed. By this time if you see Tommy Kruise and chopped and screwed in the same sentence, you can assume that there’s something good happening. Tommy released this 10-track chopped-and-screwed mixtape and I have to say it’s good to hear more from the Canadian trap lord. All these tracks are gems from the Canadian rap culture, so Kruise just felt it right to put his own spin on these classics.

Get your taste of Canadian rap below via Bandcamp and download it here.