Tired of the “Punk-Rock Rapper”: An Interview With P.O.S

Tired of the “Punk-Rock Rapper”: An Interview With P.O.S

2012 stands as a landmark year in the career of Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. He’s on the heels of a big 2011 for Doomtree, about to release a documentary about all of it, just put out We Don’t Even Live Here, the long awaited follow-up to Never Better, but he’s kept away all the action due to the pressing need for a kidney transplant. For the artist so well known for high energy and country-spanning tours, it’s an uneasy change of pace to watch the record release from the sidelines.

In the past few weeks P.O.S, formally known as Stefon Alexander or Stef, has been forced to cancel his upcoming tour in support of WDELH. In his downtime, we had a brief conversation with the rapper about his album, being pigeonholed as the “punk-rock rapper”, and where he plans to take his career from here.

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