Thoughts On Odd Future In 2012: Concert Review

I’ll preface everything I’m about to say with this: I still consider myself a pretty big fan of Odd Future. A few short years back we were all still trying to remember what the ridiculous acronym OFWGKTA actually meant and they were only doing shows in NYC and LA to a group of hardcore fans and music industry types. Everyone was in awe and they could do no wrong as we gobbled up everything the mischievous kids threw out.

In the middle of their whirlwind rise to the top I was lucky enough to catch them on one of their first larger tours in Baltimore. The line wrapped around the block two hours before the show, energy was at a fever pitch, and a diverse crowd in almost all aspects waited in anticipation for what was speculated to be one wild ass show.

Expectations were met, shattered, and then crowd surfed all over during a 90-minute show displaying that the hype was actually all justified. I left bruised, battered, and completely disoriented, but that was everything that Odd Future was about. They were unforgiving and didn’t give a single fuck that their live show was sloppy because what they lacked in polish they made up for in complete and utter ridiculousness.

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  1. I was at the Made In America tour and Earl made an appearance for Orange Juice but otherwise was non existent. I wish they would include The Internet and Frank Ocean in their tours, because they scream diversity in music but it’s just the same shit over and over again. Mike G keeps performing the same songs he performed in Feb 2011.

    My biggest gripe is that because they have gotten so popular, and because the stage is bigger, farther away from the fans, that there is little interaction with the fans that I experienced from the first 2 times i saw them in Feb and May of last year. The only thing i really take away from performances now is the interaction with other fans. I can throw my elbows at the guy next to me and take a shoulder to the chest and have a good time because i know we’re both here for the same reason. I never imagined in a million years that i would enjoy that shit, but i do.

  2. I attended the same show in Cleveland last night and would say this review is pretty on point. My problems with the show we outlined above:

    1. Earl is back, but sadly not in attendance for the group’s biggest tour to date”
    2. Odd Future shows don’t have an opening act
    3. The show starts promptly at 9 and is wrapped up by 10:30, a remarkably early end for any concert

    Maybe It was had something to do with being one of the older, non parent fans in the crowd but the show was more like a circus for teenage skaters and weird punk rock kids from my perspective. I did enjoy seeing Hodgy and Domo do their thing in between Tyler yelling into the mic at the front of the stage but without The Internet, Earl or Frank I lost interest pretty quickly. Am I getting too old for this kind of show or has Odd Future lost the appeal they once had upon breaking onto the scene? Unique concert experience either way but I know I won’t be seeing them live again.

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