The Underachievers Discuss Their Upcoming Brainfeeder EP

The Underachievers Discuss Their Upcoming Brainfeeder EP

underachievers-liveIndigoism might have just dropped at the top of the month, but the Underachievers are already looking forward to their next project. It doesn’t have a title just yet, but it will likely be an EP with a sound more in tune with their label home, Brainfeeder. In a new interview with Complex, one half of the duo, Issa Dash, broke down exactly what they’re looking to do on the release.

If all goes according to plan, we should be hearing him and AK spitting over beats by Harry Fraud, Hudson Mohawke, Clams Casino, and others. To say this has me excited would be a serious understatement, as I thought Indigoism was a phenomenal debut from these two young spitters. And to hear them over some of our favorite producers? Damn, y’all.

You can read a portion of the feature below while the full piece is at Complex.

 “We’re not going to do an album yet. We’re going to do an EP, but it’s going to be more Brainfeeder-ish if that makes sense, more experimental music, more trippy beats, FlyLo type of stuff. But not just FlyLo, because there’s going to be more serious producers—not that the other producers weren’t serious—but we want to show people what we can do over a Harry Fraud or a [Hudson Mohawke] or a Clams Casino [production].

“We should be able to get Clams. Hud Mo we could probably get. I know [he just signed to Kanye], but he’s also on [Flying Lotus’ label] Warp. But we’ve got A-Trak, we’ve got Supreme Cuts, Lapalux, we’ve got a whole bunch of Brainfeeder artists.”

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